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Seminar: Seminar: Creativity Workshop: Improvisational Theatre - English - Details
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General information

Subtitle Module: Nontechnical Complementary Courses for Bachelors
Course number 65769_W19
Semester WiSe 19/20
Current number of participants 25
maximum number of participants 25
Entries on waiting list 2
Home institute Institut für Humanities (B-6)
participating institutes NTA - Nicht-technisches Angebot (0-NTA)
Courses type Seminar in category Teaching
First date Fri , 17.01.2020 14:00 - 19:00, Room: (D - SBC4 Raum D2.022)
Pre-requisites None
Performance record Presentation
ECTS points 2

Course location / Course dates

(D - SBC4 Raum D2.022) Friday. 17.01.20 14:00 - 19:00
(O - ES38 018) Saturday. 18.01.20 - Sunday. 19.01.20 10:00 - 18:00

Fields of study


This workshop is designed to specifically train creativity, spontaneity and flexibility, as well as attentiveness, courage and fast reactions by means of improvisational theatre techniques. By overcoming the inner censor inhibitions are being diminished while at the same time the participants learn to uncover their creativity and power of imagination. Learning how to improvise simple scenes furthermore improves the ability to communicate, therefore creating the precondition for successful coordination and cooperation within a group - i. e. team-mindedness. By means of scene and status work they improve their performance during presentations or speeches. The improvisation techniques address different skills of the participants in a playful way: • The participants are asked to spontaneously react to new situations and adapt to them. This will be achieved through games and excercises which train the capacity of quick reaction and thinking on one's feet. • New and unanticipated suggestions for scenes made by the teacher challenge the participants to a high degree of flexibility and creativity. • By means of status work (based on Keith Johnstones teachings) the participants will be given tools to adapt their means of communication - verbal and non-verbal - to their counterpart and the situation. • Basic acting excercises help the participants to aquire more self-confidence present-ing themselves in situations like speeches and job interviews. • Team-mindedness is being trained by almost all improvisation techniques but especially those that focus on active listening, inspiring each other and accepting offers and building on them. Presence as well as regular and active participation is required at all stages.

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