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Seminar: Seminar Informatik (Bachelor Level) - Details
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General information

Course name Seminar: Seminar Informatik (Bachelor Level)
Semester WiSe 15/16
Current number of participants 6
expected number of participants 20
Home institute Institut für Softwaresysteme (E-16)
Courses type Seminar in category Teaching
First date Fri., 16.10.2015 11:15 - 12:30, Room: (Bldg. .E, Rm. 4042)
ECTS points 2

Course location / Course dates

(Bldg. .E, Rm. 4042) Friday. 16.10.15 11:15 - 12:30
(Bldg. .E, Rm.4042) Thursday. 26.11.15, Friday. 08.01.16 09:30 - 12:15


**Software Engineering: Automated Software Evolution** Software evolves over time, but incorporating the necessary or required changes takes time and might introduce errors. It is therefore advisable to employ methods for automated software evolution. This proseminar gives students an overview of the area of automated software evolution, with some emphasis on the methods and approaches that are behind the tasks of change management and live updates, and the new paradigm of approximate computing. Students work in pairs. They study the theoretical underpinnings as well the practical workings, present a summary in class, and prepare a short write-up. Topics include: Change * An Automated Formal Approach to Managing Dynamic Reconfiguration. Ian Warren, Jing Sun, Sanjev Krishnamohan and Thiranjith Weerasinghe, ASE\'06. * The Evolving Philosophers Problem: Dynamic Change Management, Jeff Kramer and Jeff Magee, IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering, vol. 16(11), 1990. * DeepCompare: Static analysis for runtime software evolution, Yves Vandewoude Yolande Berbers, Report CW 405, Feb. 2005. * Program Repair Suggestions from Graphical State-Transition Specifications, Farn Wang and Chih-Hong Cheng, FORTE 2008. Update: * Back to the Future: Fault-tolerant Live Update with Time-traveling State Transfer, Cristiano Giuffrida, Calin Iorgulescu, Anton Kuijsten, and Andrew S. Tanenbaum, LISA\'13. * POLUS: A POwerful Live Updating System, Haibo Chen, Jie Yu, Rong Chen, Binyu Zang, Pen-Chung Yew, ICSE\'07 * Automatic Discovery and Patching of Buffer and Integer Overflow Errors, Stelios Sidiroglou-Douskos, Eric Lahtinen, and Martin Rinard, MIT-CSAIL-TR-2015-08 * StaDynA: Addressing the Problem of Dynamic Code Updates in the Security Analysis of Android Applications, Yury Zhauniarovich, Maqsood Ahmad, Olga Gadyatskaya, Bruno Crispo, Fabio Massacci, CODASPY\'15. Approximate Computing * Dynamic Analysis of Approximate Program Quality, Michael F. Ringenburg, Adrian Sampson, Isaac Ackerman, Luis Ceze, Dan Grossman, ASPLOS\'15. * Automated Differential Program Verification for Approximate Computing, Shuvendu Lahiri, Arvind Haran, Shaobo He, Zvonimir Rakamaric, TR Microsoft 2015. * ASAC: Automatic Sensitivity Analysis for Approximate Computing, Pooja Roy, Rajarshi Ray, Chundong Wang, Weng-Fai Wong, LCTES\'14 --- Topics are assigned during the first meeting on Friday, Oct. 16, 11.15 (Bldg E, Rm. 4042). Interested student should make sure to attend the first meeting and take a look at the literature list; all papers are accessible (from the TUHH internet domain).

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